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    A longstanding English football club established in 1892, Liverpool has made its way to not only English hearts, but European ones as well. The club has won the following leagues/ titles.

    A longstanding English football club established in 1892, Liverpool has made its way to not only English hearts, but European ones as well. The club has won the following leagues/ titles.

    Liverpool is valued as the eighth-most valuable football club in the world along with being the seventh highest-earning one in 20 teams. Being the best-supported teams in the world, Liverpool stands at the first position in the Premier League as well as in its group in UEFA Champions League and Europa League. It also holds the fifth position in International Champions Cup.

    As far as the players go, the key player of the club is Mohamed Salah, also referred to as the “Egyptian King.” Considered one of the best players in football, he plays as a forward. He joined the club in 2017 and has won a number of awards like the 2018 Best FIFA Men’s Player and PFA Players’ Player of the Year. It was due to his goals that Liverpool won the 2019 UEFA Champions League against Chelsea. He is the 4th player in Premier League players’ standings and is truly a delight to watch!

    Watch Liverpool Live Stream

    With a standing of number 7 in the Premier League, Senegalese Sadio Mane is another player from Liverpool. Starting off in professionally in 2012, Sadio joined Liverpool in 2016. He was the joint-top goalscorer in the season of 2018-2019. Early this year, he was named the “African Footballer of the Year” for 2019.

    Amongst the top three players of the team, Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira is a Brazilian forward. He has been a part of Liverpool since 2015. A relatively senior player as compared to Mane and Salah, he is the first Brazilian player to score 50 goals in the Premier League.

    The following chart includes the schedule of the football matches to be played by the team in different leagues up till the month of May 2020. All timings are given in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

    How to watch Liverpool Live Stream?

    Game Date and Time Teams
    Premier League 2 (Division 1) 29th February, 7.00 pm Blackburn Rovers U23 vs Liverpool U23
    Premier League 29th February, 5.30 pm Watford vs Liverpool
    FA Cup 4th March, 7.45 pm Chelsea vs Liverpool  
    Premier League 7th March, 12.30 pm Liverpool vs AFC Bournemouth
    UEFA Champions League 12th March, 8.00 pm Liverpool vs Atlético Madrid  
    Premier League 17th March, 8.00 pm Everton vs Liverpool  
    Premier League 21st March, 5.30 pm Liverpool vs Crystal Palace
    Premier League 5th April, 3.30 pm Manchester City vs Liverpool  
    Premier League 11 April, 2.00 pm Liverpool vs Aston Villa  
    Premier League 18th April, 2.00 pm Brighton & Hove Albion vs Liverpool
    Premier League 25th April, 2.00 pm Liverpool vs Burnley  
    Premier League 2nd May, 2.00 pm Arsenal vs Liverpool
    Premier League 9th May, 2.00 pm Liverpool vs Chelsea  
    Premier League 17th May, 2.00 pm Newcastle United vs Liverpool  

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