Rugby League World Cup 2021

    Rugby is a very popular sport that has been played since the 19th century among many countries. It is the national sport of Papua New Guinea while being commonly played in many countries such as Australia, England, Wales, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Scotland, Lebanon, and Tonga.

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    How can I access the 2021 Rugby League from home?

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    How is it played?

    Rugby is a sport that involves two teams of 13 players each playing on a field with H-shaped posts on both ends of the field. The main way of scoring in the game is to carry the ball and touch it on the ground past the opposing team’s goal-line while the opposition is in charge of stopping the team from going past the goal line by tackling the player who has the ball. Besides this, players can also score by kicking the ball into the goal. With viewers all over the world, Rugby is a thrilling, action-packed sport that requires a lot of physical contact between players. Rugby League World Cup 2021 live stream.

    Where is is Rugby League World Cup?

    The highest governing body of Rugby is the International Rugby League which is responsible for setting the laws and rules of the game. The most prestigious and awaited competition in rugby is the Rugby League World Cup which takes place every four years. The  Rugby League World Cup 2021 will be hosted in England and will have a total of 16 teams which are: Australia, England, France, Wales, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Jamaica, Cook Islands, Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa.

    What teams are the most popular in the Rugby World Cup?

    Rugby League World Cup Live Stream – TEAMS

    The team with the most number of World Cup wins is Australia with a total of eleven titles.

    No other team in the world has won as many times which means that Australia is one of the strongest teams in the competition. It is the most consistent team with a significant record of wins internationally. However, other teams have also been making progress over the years and despite having the most number of World Cup trophies, Australia is ranked second now after New Zealand which is the top-ranked rugby team currently in the world. Although New Zealand has won the world cup only once, it has been making progress now and looks better than ever as it has been winning several major games internationally in recent years. Ranking third all over the world, another competitive team in rugby is England with a total of three Rugby League World Cup trophies. They were the runner-ups during the previous world cup in which they lost the final to Australia. These are the teams with the highest chances of winning the 2021 Rugby League World Championship however, it is an exhilarating contest in which any team could emerge victoriously. 

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