Watch F1 Live Stream – Season 2020

    Formula 1 is the highest class of auto racing and The word Formula in the name refers to a set of rules to which all participant’s cars must conform. F1 Live stream championship has been one of the premier forms of racing around the world.

    All F1 Races will be available Live right here on SKY SPORTS F1

    With an extensive fan-following, Formula One (F1) World Championship is the greatest open-wheel car-racing competition recognized by the(FIA). It is counted as World Championship since 1984. The name “F1 World Championship” comes from the set of rules that drivers riding F1 cars must follow. These cars are single-seated machines that have the highest speed owing to a mix of factors like aerodynamic downforce generated by car design, magnesium alloy wheels, carbon disc-brakes, and other leading technologies. Illegal to be bought and purchased by the general public, they are premium cars in the world.

    The race generally begins with a warm-up lap. Each team has two drivers, one taking the place of another. To be classified in the points table, a car must complete 90% of the race distance. In case of accidents or failure to do so, the car is not classified in the results. The drivers are allowed to make pit stops to change tires, repair damage except for refueling. The points table work to fill the first 10 positions. If a driver finishes the race by securing either of these 10 positions, he earns a point according to the secured position. The winner receives 25 points while the last one receives 1 point. The points for the drivers do not change in case of them switching to another team. The earned points will contribute to the existing points of the driver. Eventually, earned points count towards the Drivers’ Championship.

    Watch F1 Live Stream

    As far as the past record is concerned, Ferarri holds the prestige of being the oldest F1 team competing to this day. They hold the title of having won the most Constructors’ Championship in history. Other teams like Mercedes, Renault, and Toyota have made a comeback after 2009 in the aftermath of the world recession. Mercedes remains the constructor’s champion while the driver representing the team, Lewis Hamilton is the reigning champion. He is the six-time Formula One champion and is naturally regarded as the best driver in the world. British drivers remain the renowned ones in this sport.

    The championship will include 22 Grands Prix, meaning series of races, in different parts of the world starting on the 15th of March. The following is the schedule.

    Scheduled Races

    F1 LIVE STREAM – Schedule

    Round Grand Prix Location Date
    1 Australia Melbourne 15 March
    2 Bahrain Sakhir 22 March
    3 Vietnam Hanoi 5 April
    4 China Shanghai 9 April
    5 Netherlands Zandvoort 3 May
    6 Spain Barcelona 10 May
    7 Monaco Monte Carlo 24 May
    8 Azerbaijan Baku 7 June
    9 Canada Montreal 14 June
    10 France Le Castellet 28 June
    11 Austria Spielberg 5 July
    12   Great Britain Silverstone 19 July
    13 Hungary Budapest 2 August
    14 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps 30 August
    15 Italy Monza 6 September
    16 Singapore Singapore 20 September
    17 Russia Soci 27 September
    18 Japan Suzuka 11 October
    19 United States Austin 15 October
    20 Mexico City Mexico City 1 November
    21 Brazil Sao Pulao 15 November
    22 Abu Dhabi Yas Island 29 November

    There are 10 teams that will be competing in F1 2020. The table below shows teams and their respective drivers.

    F1 – Drivers and Teams

    Driver Company Team
    Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Benz Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formulas One Team
    Vallteri Bottas Mercedes Benz Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formulas One Team
    Sebastian Vettal Ferrari Spa Scuderia Ferarri Mission Winnow
    Charles Leclerc Ferrari Spa Scuderia Ferarri Mission Winnow
    Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing Limited Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
    Alexander Albon Red Bull Racing Limited Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
    Carlos Sainz Jr McLaren Racing Limited McLaren F1 Team
    Lando Norris McLaren Racing Limited McLaren F1 Team
    Daniel Ricciardo Renault Sport Racing Limited Renault F1 Team
    Esteban Ocon   Renault Sport Racing Limited Renault F1 Team
    Daniil Kvyat Scuderia AlphaTauri Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda
    Pierre Gasly Scuderia AlphaTauri Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda
    Serglo Perez Mendoza Racing Point UK Limited BWT Racing Point F1 Team
    Lance Stroll Racing Point UK Limited BWT Racing Point F1 Team
    Kimi Raikkonen Sauber Motorsport AD Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen
    Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber Motorsport AD Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen
    Romain Grosjean Haas Formula LLC Haas F1 Team
    Kevin Magnussen Haas Formula LLC Haas F1 Team
    George Russel Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited ROKit Williams Racing
    Nicolas Latifi Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited ROKit Williams Racing
    Watch F1 Live Stream

    With the above picture painted involving 10 teams, the concern of “where to watch the tournament” remains for many car-racing fans as Formula One World Championship remains the most-watched competitions today, live or taped.

    How to watch F1 Season 2020 Online?

    It is the blessing of the digital media age that a platform for all sports has been created. That’s right – SkyStreamHub broadcasts all live sports channels without a single advertisement to distract you. The Hub remains up to date as new channels are added every week. One-day membership costs only 2 dollars! This streaming website will have all the matches live starting with the Grands Prix in March.

    Below is an easy guide on how to operate SkyStreamHub once you click this link to the website:

    1. Click “Buy Now” at the top right of the page or scroll all the way down to either “Join now” or “Join now for only $2.” And click!
    2. Don’t get confused with redirection. It is a secure procedure. With redirection, a page with different membership packages will pop up. This membership form page will allow you the freedom to choose your desired packages. They are mind-boggling!
    3. After selecting your package, staying on the same page, fill in your details to sign up to SkyStreamHub.
    4. Proceed to the bottom of the page and click “next.”
    5. You will be directed again to fill in your card details. Hit “Subscribe and Pay”

    Congratulations! You can now enjoy your game any time and any place as SkyStreamHub plays on the following electronic devices: Smart Television, smartphone, tablet, laptop, any streaming device. After all, doesn’t like to watch the fastest cars competing with each other?

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