F1 Live Stream 2020 Season – Watch All Races for Just $59

    The first Formula One (F1) Race was held in 1950 in England. This is the highest level of racing in the open-wheeled car industry run by Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

    Formula 1 2020 is the 71st season of Formula 1 racing. Despite the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, the 2020 Formula One Season will kick off as usual with Australia Grand Prix on March 15 and end in Abu Dhabi on November 29. The season would be the longest in F1 history, with 22 Grand Prix to be staged. In particular, Vietnam Grand Prix is included for the first time and Dutch Grand Prix returns after a long absence.

    For more details, 10 teams and 21 riders (maybe more) will compete for the Formula One World Championship. The current champion team is Mercedes while Lewis Hamilton is the reigning champion. In the main race, the drivers will run 55 laps, equivalent to 306,075 km distance to find the winner.

    Evolution in the 2020 Formula One Season

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    It is no coincidence that all F1 live streams make fans sobbing and suffocating with every sound of the engine running. In each race, the organizers strive to improve and introduce innovative rules and technologies that optimize the sports experience of both racers and audiences.

    Less fuel outside the tank

    According to the 2020 Technical Regulations, the valid amount of fuel coursing around the car outside of the fuel survival cell reduce to just 250ml. This regulation prevents teams from taking advantage of keeping too much fuel outside the tank.

    Add Shark Fins

    In 2020, on the engine cover of all cars has a small plate that is similar to McLaren’s early-2019 wedge on the MCL34. This ‘shark fin’ makes it easier for fans to distinguish between each team’s two machines.

    Moreover, F1 2020 also witnessed less pre-season testing, with a reduction from 8 to 6 days of racing. Other notable law changes include extending the curfew, softening weighbridge and jump-start penalties, putting brake ducts in to “Listed Parts”, and so on. These new things catch the attention of the media, drivers, and followers. 2020 Formula One Season live-streamed in this March promises to be an explosive race.

    Besides, there are also technological advances such as AI improvement and new HUD & UI. They will ensure the best possible monitoring and supervision, thereby evoking participants’ excitement.

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